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Whether it's for the pool or the sea, men's swimwear is one of the pieces of your wardrobe that you like to show off. It is true that you will choose your swimsuit according to your tastes and its use. If all outfits are tolerated and adapted to the beach, it is not the same thing for the swimming pool where only swim trunks, swim boxers and jammer are accepted. To have a good time during your swimming sessions or your beach outings, TYR has decided to offer you men's swimsuits with great freedom of movement, comfort and a casual or classic look. Our plain or colorful printed models will meet your expectations in very comfortable fabrics. Discover without further delay our unique collection of swimwear for men. To help you in your future choice, here is a summary of our different models of men's swimwear.

Discover our different types of swimwear for men.

Swim shorts, more commonly known as boardshorts

Men's swim shorts are the star piece of men's swimwear at the beach. A piece that goes everywhere that places more in the beachwear fashion than swimwear.
We cross it little in the swimming pools of France because, it is not authorized there for sanitary reasons. Appearing less tight than a swim brief or a boxer, the swim shorts are appreciated for their multifunctional aspect, no need to change to go from one activity to another (session in the water and a game of beach volleyball). Two cuts prevail on the beachwear market, the beach shorts which look like normal shorts and the long shorts which are knee length and quite wide this product is quite appreciated by surfers. Both the boardshorts and the beach shorts come with a mesh brief inside.

Swim trunks - the middle ground between swim trunks and swim shorts

Among our collection of men's swimwear, discover the boxer cut which is considered a short and tight swim short. It is the alternative and more trendy cut of men's swimwear than the swim brief. These boxer shorts with their close-fitting cut will also offer you freedom of movement to perform your movements with ease during your swimming sessions. At TYR we also offer you the trunk swimsuit. This swimsuit has an intermediate cut between a swim brief and a swim boxer. This trendy swimsuit offers the same characteristics as a classic men's swimsuit (comfort and freedom of movement).

The classic and timeless swim brief for men

The swim brief is the oldest and most classic of all men's swimsuits. Until the end of the 80's it was the only model we found in swimming pools and at the beach. Then with time and fashion, other cuts such as boxers or shorts arrived in the world of swimwear and beachwear.
This does not mean that the swim brief has become obsolete, on the contrary it has been modernized to become a real fashion accessory both at the beach and at the pool.
The racer more commonly known as the swim brief offers great freedom of movement. The fine seams of this swimsuit will not disturb you during your sessions by offering you a freedom of movement unequalled compared to other cuts of swimsuits

The jammer, the lesser known men's swimsuit cut

You can choose from 4 different swimwear cuts for men, the swim brief, the boxer, the trunk and the jammer. The latter is a long swim boxer that goes down to your knees. It is the most covering swimsuit cut for men. It allows a better sheathing and a better compression of the muscles while ensuring an optimal freedom of movement. This cut is also used for swimming suits.

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Mens swimsuit  

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