Women's Hurricane

The Female Hurricane suits are available in 4 models (Category 1, Category 2, Category 3 and Category 5) each of which corresponds to a level of performance for the athlete.

Designed for exceptional performance, the Wetsuit Hurricane Women's Wetsuit ™ Category 5 uses advanced technologies to provide optimal body stability to achieve maximum speed. Built with 100% Yamamoto 39 Cell neoprene, the CAT5 is undoubtedly the ultimate in women's triathlon suit performance.

Designed for competition at all levels, we have taken some of the best features of our Femme Hurricane Category 5 suit and adapted it to the development of the Wetsuit Femme Hurricane ™ Category 3. Made from 100% Yamamoto 38-cell neoprene, the CAT3 optimizes stability and speed to achieve maximum performance on race day.

Featuring features that minimize drag and maximize speed, the Hurricane™ Women's Category 2 triathlon suit is made of smooth neoprene, making it the ideal choice for intermediate and novice triathletes looking for an advantage

Constructed of smooth neoprene, the Hurricane™ Women's Category 1 triathlon suit is the ideal choice for beginner and aspiring triathletes looking to improve their performance in the water.

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Womens Hurricane  

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