What are Hand Paddles used for?

Swim paddles are used to work on your support in the water while increasing your swimming speed and thrust in the water. Swim paddles are also great for improving your swimming technique and building upper body strength.

Swimming with swim paddles allows you to increase the surface area of propulsion in relation to the mass of water displaced. As a result, this swimming accessory allows you to focus on your support in the water by correcting the placement of your arms and forearms to go even faster. You will gain muscle mass and when you swim without your swimming paddles, you will be more comfortable.

How to choose your Hand Paddles ?

There are different shapes and sizes of swim paddles. The shape and size of the paddle is chosen according to your level. Smaller paddles are mainly used by children, swimmers who are new to this type of swimming equipment or swimmers who are not very muscular. The larger the paddles, the more effective they will be, but they will require better control of your movements to avoid injury. If you want to work on your support, we recommend that you choose paddles that are larger than your hand. The larger models are intended for use in muscle strengthening. All our paddles are flat and drilled in different places to ensure better stability in the water.

At TYR, we have 5 different models of swimming pads. Each model has different technical characteristics:

Catalyst 2 hand paddles

These are swimming pads designed for training purposes. It allows you to perfect all swimming styles while reducing the risk of injury. Perfect for swimmers of all levels, the swim pad helps improve stroke technique while building arm strength. Its unique shape improves the feel of the water and distributes pressure evenly. The Catalyst Swim Pad 2 (LVC2) replaces the Catalyst (LVC), this new version has the same technical advantages as the classic Catalyst Swim Pad, it has a new look (different middle hole) and is made of a new softer material. This way, the pad absorbs water shock better and reduces the risk of injury.

Catalyst Stroke hand paddles

The clear resin construction of these training swim pads aids in proper hand positioning to effectively work on technique and strengthen the upper body. 7 size options are available, depending on the swim level. You will not work the same depending on the size you choose. The smaller the swim pad the more speed you will work on and the larger the swim pad the more strength you will work on.

Mentor 2 hand paddles

Both technical and progressive, this swim pad is designed to increase the swimmer's power without losing his or her feeling of support. Thanks to its numerous openings, it favors the water's grip better than traditional swim mats during the entry phase of the movement. It allows you to feel the water to the maximum and makes it ideal for adopting the correct swimming techniques and developing the specific strengths of the four strokes.

This swim pad is identical to the Mentor 1. The only change is that the material is stiffer, making it more durable and more comfortable to work with.

Catalyst Contour Training hand paddles

Designed for training at all levels, the Catalyst Contour Training Swim Pad follows the shape of an athlete's palm to provide a natural swimming experience in training.

Developed to improve strength and technique, the curved surface of the swim pads guides the arm through the stroke to adopt the proper motion and maximize the training regime.

A correct movement with the Contour, guides the arm straight back through the water with minimal resistance. In contrast, the wrong maneuver will be overdone and pull the arm to the side. Featuring polypropylene construction and multiple attachment options, the Catalyst Contour Training offers the perfect balance of impact resistance, flexibility and fit.

Catalyst Connect Training hand paddles

The purpose of this swim pad is to lock the wrist and avoid bending the elbow and/or wrist to perform the underwater pull. The traction is then carried out in the good axis and the push much more effective. Product to be recommended to triathletes and to all swimmers having this problem of traction beyond 13/14 years.

How to swim with hand paddles?

Swim paddles are the equivalent of swim fins but for the hand. They are attached to the palms of the hands and are fastened with swim paddles elastics. It is important to adjust your swim fins the first time you use them so that you don't have to adjust them the next time you use them. It is not recommended to swim with pads without first swimming and warming up your muscles. Alternate your exercises with and without paddles during your session and you will quickly notice that your movements will be corrected when you swim without paddles.

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